Ciarán o'Regan


Ciaran is a Cork based Sport Scientist originally from nearby Limerick.

Academically, he received a First Class B.Sc. in Sport and Exercise Sciences from the University of Limerick in 2012 and is also a published researcher who will be embarking upon a Professional Doctorate in 2019 orientated around uncertainty based training planning.

Athletically, he was a long-term competitor in combatives with Boxing and K1 Kickboxing being his primary interests.

Hobby wise, he claims to enjoy studying psychology and philosophy “way above” his “intellectual pay grade.” Professionally, he works in-person with sports teams and individuals as well as an online coach with primarily fighters at Sigma Nutrition


He also has his own website which is a hub for all the online articles he writes based around topics

like fitness, nutrition, combat sports, and philosophy called