Coffee and Handstands

More than just handstands


Each Saturday we teach the very first steps to a handstand, right up to being balanced upside down to adults that have plenty, little, or no experience.

A weekly hour and a half class that teaches the practices and principles to hand balancing.

All the basics required are taught, including prehab exercises for wrists and shoulders. Alignment of the spine and pelvis for safe practice are covered.

There will be individual specific variations of strengthening exercises to reinforce this alignment. As well as all the strengthening and mobilising exercises required to develop your body to that which can withstand the forces of your own weight upside down with minimal effort.

There is always a diverse group of ability. The culture is that of plenty of support and encouragement.

We'll play movement games that develop, body awareness, balance, and coordination during the warm up phase. A fantastic stepping stone to mastering your own body.

We love a cup of Coffee on a Saturday morning.

Getting out of bed for class is that bit easier knowing that 'The Golden Bean' blend will provide the aroma and flavour that we can enjoy during chats and laughs before we prepare for going upside down.

If Coffee isn't for you, that's all good, as we have many teas and hot chocolate.

The drink is included with single visit pass.

See you at the bar between 9 and 10 am. Class begins at 10 am.