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Writing With The Body with Inma Pavon

This improvisation-based dance workshop is open to all levels. The ideas that will be explored through the sessions will be adapted to each participant's physical level.

The session will begin with a short warm-up based on some simple yoga asanas and then we will move towards the main ideas which will be based on writing with the body.

Writing is a very simple and easy idea from where to begin to move. This idea works on the basis that the body is the tool used for the writing as opposed to just our hand. With this idea, we can explore writing in a 3-D space instead of the traditional 2-D page. This idea enhances creativity through the use of each participants’ imagination.

Inma has introduced this idea to different groups (dancers and non-dancer, young and old) throughout the last few years, and says that she is always amazed by how this work can open up new doors of possibilities in each person.

This workshop will be celebrating International Dance Day (29th of April) and for this reason, we will be inviting cellist Eimear Reidy to play live music throughout the session.