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Fluidity of Movement Workshop with Robbie

We will begin with subtle movements of the body gradually increasing to broader movements all with the intention of mobilising each joint. This will lead us into coordination practice where we will be moving in all planes of movement, in multiple directions, combining arms and legs to rhythm, enhancing our elasticity.

Spinal Waves

We will learn how to control the subtle articulations of each facet of the spine until a wave like motion is developed.

This is the 'healthy spine for life' sequence. An important tool for all movement enthusiasts (and humans) to master to maintain healthy spine mobility and overall health.

We will develop the coordination of movements to reduce excess tension created from unintended and unnecessary muscle contraction.

We will learn when to increase and reduce muscle tone and the relationship breathe has with this principle.

We will also have the craic.

All attendees are encouraged to bring a notebook to take notes. Questions are welcomed and individual specific attention will be given.