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Handstand Workshop with Robbie

Handstand Practice


Opening Preparation

My  opening sequence is designed to raise your sense of balance and proprioception. We will bringing awareness into your bodies orientation in space and while stimulating the vestibular system. 


Wrist Prep

I will the go through my hand and wrist strengthening and mobilising routine. Since we are to be loading the wrist and hands like that of a foot and ankle, the necessary strength and mobility is required in the wrists and hans for long term practice as well as to reduce the possibility of injury. 


Shoulder Prep

I will cover the necessary strengthening exercises for the muscles of the shoulder, rotator cuff and those involved in scapula stability. I will teach the various movements of the scapula and their orientation in the handstand. We will cover the stretching and mobility drills necessary for tight shoulders to flex and raise the appropriately overhead without affecting the alignment of the torso. 



We will then progress into the practice of alignment. These are movement drills and exercises that teach the pelvic orientation for safe and effective hand-standing. 

Glute and core activation and strength will be trained here for holding oneself inverted vertically.



We will then begin learning how to go to and from an inverted position through the kick up and the specifics of kicking up. There will be variations of practice for each level of attendee. Partner practice and wall assistance will be utilised.


Then we will research equilibrium. The balancing of ourselves on our hands.  


This often overlooked part of handstand practice will be granted the necessary attention of teaching. We will have spent much energy applying tension to the anterior line of our body. This tension will need to be reduced now that practice has ended. I will teach various stretches for the anterior line of the body re lengthening to an upright extended posture.

We will then decompress the spinal column and remove all excess tension from the body to close the session.

Later Event: March 13
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