I’m Kelly, or Killa (a nickname that stuck) which is cool, because I’d like to think I’ve got ‘killamoves’.

I am a YA certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher.


I’m extremely grateful and happy to share the many benefits yoga has to offer, both on and off the mat.

I love to teach Flow style classes with the grounding, strengthening postures of the Ashtanga primary series.

I am also keen to facilitate the other amazing avenues Yoga has to offer. Be it breathing techniques(pranayama), internalizing the mind (pratyahara) and meditation (dhyana).

I strive, everyday, not to take myself too seriously and try to bring a little humour along with a laid back approach to my classes.

My classes are suitable for beginners to yoga all the way through to the advanced practitioner. I strongly consider Yoga Philosophy as still an integral part of the practice and apply the theories as part of my classes .

My main message.... Yoga is for absolutely every-BODY.

I teach the Friday 7 am Yoga class which is open to newcomers.

Join us Friday mornings for some gentle vinyasa flow yoga.

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