Luke Mc Grane


Luke specialises in treating back pain and sports injuries and has a large background in sports and movement.

He is a physical therapist, Yoga teacher, Fitness class teacher, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and in his final year of BSc in Osteopathy.

He has worked in many different clinics in his time as a Physical therapist and has read in depth and studied the methods of Dr. Stuart MacGill, Dr. Kelly Starrett and DO. Lauri Hartmann to treat and heal backpain and sports injuries.

His hobbies include spending time with friends and family and being outdoors and moving his body. He also likes to rock-climb, surf, BJJ, has played rugby at a high level, has run multiple marathons and practice Ashtanga Yoga.



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Luke teaches Yoga for BJJ every second Saturday of the month.

All welcome, grappler and non-grappler alike.
Suitable for all levels of athletic ability.

This will be an athletic yoga practice designed learn deep abdominal breath work, unlock the facets of the back, strengthen posture, opening of the hips, bringing calm to both body and mind. Prepare to sweat and be tested.

Physical Therapy

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He uses deep tissue massage, dry-cupping, dry-needling, joint manipulation and his knowledge in strength and conditioning and Yoga to treat the patient holistically.