Do you think you may be interested in having a movement program designed specifically for you based on your goals and current ability?

We have been creating programs for over 7 years for people to achieve their health, strength and movement goals.
From rehabilitation of injuries to feats of strength on gymnastic rings,
From skills like handstands to the development of movement patterns like navigating a flight of stairs without pain.

 This service is offering you the chance to have a program designed for you,

You will personally be show you how to do it, and do it.

An additional bonus is that the space and equipment in Café Move is also included.

Each program last 6 weeks. 




Option 1 : Full Payment at time of Assessment

Option 2: Half of payment to be paid at time of assessment and remaining balance after 3 weeks.  


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Sarah Fox

##Sarah's Story

Sarah had a goal of becoming strong enough to do a chin up, along with improved glute strength.

I met with Sarah to assess her current physical strength.

I then designed a six week training program that had Sarah training four times per week.

This program included movement to develop Sarah overall physical ability using various combinations of mobility improving and strengthening exercises sequenced scientifically with the appropriate sets, reps, and rest prescribed for the desired hormonal response to develop Sarah physical capacity.

By week six Sarah had achieved her Chin Up goal and is now back for a re assessment with new goals.

She not only achieved her goal she realised she CAN.

Beliefs of physical limitations have been destroyed and now she is of a mindset that is

"What else CAN I do?"

Katie Ahern

##Katies Story

Katie had a goal of being able to do a handstand and hold it.

We arranged our assessment and within this assessment I noted areas of Katie's body that required strength development, areas that required training in stability and movement patterns that could be re-patterned for improved function/efficiency.

One such area was the strength of Katie's hands and wrists. Another was the stability of her scapula (shoulder blades). As a highly active Yoga teacher in Cork, Katie's body is moving frequently and therefore I had to take into consideration necessary recovery of her nervous system for effective practice.

I designed a program that had two training days that could be trained as often or as seldom as her energy permitted without doing any less than twice a week.

Katie would (and still does) attend our classes and then practice her program either after the class or in her own time, when she would arrive for a cuppa and then practice on our wooden floor space.We tweaked the program twice during 12 weeks to progress the areas that she was developing nicely through.

By week 10 Katie could hold a handstand.

Katie, an incredible Yogi, and movement enthusiast of limitless flexibility discovered how becoming physically stronger has opened a new world to of ability.


Receive a 6 week program designed specifically for you including access to the centre.