You're not a sports person,

You're not injured,

You just want to see what you can do with your body.

Perhaps you have specific goals you'd like to achieve.            

We know, we get it....and we'd love to get you moving.



To improve skill and efficiency at any sport requires practice of the sport itself, excelling physical development, resilience to injury and athleticism requires a specific strength and mobility programme. 

Most sports can cause asymmetry in the body. These asymmetries cause structural changes that leave a body susceptible to injuries as well as having long term negative impacts on posture.

We create programs to restore balance and posture and teach each athlete how to maintain this through practice.

Poor mobility reduces dynamic movement capacity, reduces skill potential and increases risk of injury dramatically.

Every programme we design incorporates a detailed joint mobility plan relevant to the sport and athlete. 

The reason Usain Bolt made it from a teenager struggling with pain around a track to the super hero he is now was the introduction of specific strength training to take him away from back pain.

All athletes require a specific science based strength programme to get and stay ahead to become or remain competitive.

We design specific strength training programmes that are performed within a relatively moderate intensity with emphasis on technique to maximise speed, explosive power, resilience to injury. We believe the higher intensity work is for the sport specific training, e.g, the pitch, the court, the ring, the track.... We train you, not drain you. 



You are only as healthy as your spine” Chinese proverb

Sedentary living can have an impact on our physical structure. Pain, joint restrictions and immobility are the common symptoms of such. All too often we find that people accept a life with pain and/or restrictions in their movement with a deluded belief that it cannot be amended. 

“Tolerance leads to resentment”.

We use movement techniques and exercises to repair bodies. We commonly deal with neck, shoulder, back, hip and knee pain and restrictions.

The power of movement practice and training shines brightest here. There is nothing more liberating to an individual restricted and in pain than moving away from it.

We, not only coach our methods to our clients, we teach them also. Our clients become efficient at self-maintenance of their bodies for ever.

We also teach methods that create integrity throughout the body leaving our clients less injury prone in a more durable body. Ultimately securing a higher quality of life and ageing well.

Physical rehabilitation begins with assessments that are aimed at identifying, postural issues, movement patterns, reduced joint mobility, spinal articulation restrictions, core strength and overall stability.

A program will then be designed specifically to your needs and abilities. This will be led by your coach in a priority based step by step manner moving you towards the healthier and stronger version of yourself.

This is ideal for:

  • Those with an injury

  • Those in pain

  • Those determined and committed to making positive change

  • Those with very low to zero experience with exercise and movement practice.

All programs begin with a free 30-minute consultation.
This gives us the opportunity to understand where you are coming from and your current goals.
This gives you the opportunity to visit our facility and get an understanding of our methods.

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