Eeeechooooo! Evening Echo!

Our second feature on the Evening Echo, Cork's local publication.

The lovely Chris Dunne popped in to find out more about our alternative to the conventional gym scene, as well as ourselves personally.

Have a read for yourself of what she gathered from our chat.

P.S. I reckon by Shiatsu Chris may have meant Jiu Jitsu. If you go upstairs to the BJJ lads expecting some Shiatsu you may be in for a surprise.


Podcast Interview


Podcast with Nathan of Freemen Fitness.

(Explicit content)

Robbie curses quite a bit in this one, may have been the Jameson.

“Robbie O'Driscoll owner and head instructor of Cafe Move in Cork sat down after a workshop with Emmet Louis to chat all things movement. We talked about how he got into training, the importance of community and doing what you enjoy.”




This is the link to our third feature in the Evening Echo.

Anyone for coffee and handstands?

By Mike McGrath Bryan

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Building Community Through Movement

Podcast with Joe Pace

About this Episode:

Joe speaks with Robbie about starting a "movement cafe", changing careers after being an electrician and having a child, and how to use movement as a means of improving bodies and community. Press on the link below to listen.

Ice Water Yoga Podcast Image.JPG