Robbie O’Driscoll


Robbie has created a method of movement teaching to establish a pain free, healthy, strong, mobile and able body for life.

It has been developed from years of experience rehabilitating and excelling bodies using methods developed from research and practice

in fields such as corrective exercise, dance, martial arts, physical therapy, myofascial release, strength training and mobility training. 



Robbie coaches movements in an easy to learn manner that are designed to undo the negative postural impacts of long term sitting, sedentary living & mobile device use.

A stronger upright posture, improves breathing, circulation, and cognition.
Robbie uses effective and sometimes fun approaches to move the body in a dynamic fashion that promotes the flow of digestive juices, blood, and lymph, restoring a more balanced inner system and therefore promoting a healthy body and frame of mind.

Robbie teaches movement techniques that restore mobility to the spine, neck, hips and shoulder, as well as strengthen the integrity of the joints. Making for a more able, durable and more efficient body. Athletes and martial artists performance excels dramatically from the development of co-ordination, strength and mobility. 


Robbie has an unquenchable thirst for all that improves us as humans. His interests stem from human potential and has set out to discover and teach what he learns.

“Becoming a father at 25 made me realise something. I love this life and my son so much that I want to enjoy as much of both as I possibly can.

To do so, I’ll need to be around for as long as I have the power to be and feeling as fresh as I can be, the majority of the time. This knowing brought my attention to the fact that I didn’t really know how to guarantee that. Schooling had never equipped me with the knowledge of how to secure my health. In fact, schooling never taught me what was a healthy human diet or lifestyle. My education hadn’t provided me with the user manual to the most sophisticated machine on the planet,(the human body) and I was driving.”

Robbie has attend countless courses all over the globe and met with inspiring pioneers of human development through movement, lifestyle and nutrition. He continues his research through reading, exploration of various practices and practical application with himself first, then students. His practice continues to evolve in sync.

His forward thinking unconventional methods have given his clients expected and unexpected outcomes such as freedom from pain,  developing a stronger than imaginable body, improved vitality, improved athletic and martial capacity as well as an appreciation and excitement for the potential of the human body.

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“The attractive physical form is a display of a healthy and strong individual”