spine and core



Spine and Core

Class : Thursday 7.00 AM - 8.00 AM

Trainer : Robbie O’Driscoll


This class is designed to keep the spine and trunk of the body in optimal working order. Both strong and supple.

A class created weekly with a mixed combination of exercises, movements, games, and drills all brought together that both develop the stability of the body and ensure its capacity to move freely on all planes.

  • Body weight training

  • Flexibility drills

  • Weight lifting

  • Games

  • Movement practices

The spine, the centre column of the body that is the conduit for our central nervous system deserves all the attention given in this class to improve our overall health and function.

Impacts of common place sedentary living, misuse, and poor strength can have our spine in sub-optimal functioning order. This class is designed to negate these ill impacts and keep each attendee feeling fresh and being able for all that is ahead.

Why You Choose spine and core?

  • Maintain and improve your spines ability to flex, extend and rotate.

  • Start your day in a way that has you feeling great right through.

  • Create a stable core.

  • Feel fresh, strong and able.

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