Strength and mobility



Strength and Mobility

Class Time : Tuesday 7.00 AM - 8.00 AM

Trainer : Robbie O’Driscoll


Keep growing stronger.

This morning class is a full body strength and mobility development class to have you feeling pumped, fresh and ready for the day.

Every class begins with focus on improving the integrity and range of motion of the joints that are involved in the strength training portions of the session.

The mass of the class is then distributed to teaching the attendees upper and lower body strength training techniques including

  • Gymnastic Strength Techniques,

  • Weight Lifting,

  • Body Weight Training

  • Modern Methods of Mobility Development .

With each technique shown we offer both progressions and regressions depending on the ability and rate of growth of the individual.

Classes are delivered in an open an interactive style environment.

The training gets done and never over done. We train without the drain, improving resilience, ability, and body image.

Why Strength and Mobility?

  • Improve over all strength

  • Set yourself up for a great day

  • Dramatically avoid age related degeneration of muscle, bone and soft tissue.

  • Feel Fresh and Strong

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