Café Move has completely changed my outlook on health and fitness. I have lifted weights for the past ten years. However, I became disillusioned with the constant emphasis on appearance and the endless cycle of gaining muscle and losing body fat. I became interested in movement through watching videos of Ido Portal. I was previously unaware of Café Move and I was surprised to learn that the owner, Robbie O’Driscoll, had been coached by Ido Portal. I joined Café Move and I was instantly hooked. I thought the novelty of joining Café Move would eventually wear off. However, I soon realised that there is always more to learn about movement. The group classes are challenging but they are not physically draining. This is ideal for athletes and sports people. While the facilities at Cafe excellent, it is the sense of community that differentiates it from other gyms. The importance of social interaction seems to have been forgotten about with the increasing popularity of social media. However, Café Move provides excellent coffee and a comfortable space to socialise with other members after group classes. I would highly recommend Café Move to anybody with an interest in pursuing a holistic approach to health and fitness rather than simply focusing on appearance. 
— Patrick Brett

Café Move has helped me learn so much about myself. I’ve become stronger and more flexible, fixed old injuries, been consistently challenged as I’ve progressed and had so much fun in the process. No two classes are the same and there is always a new activity, concept or technique to learn and play around with. A former morning grouch I get up at 5:30 am, driving an hour away to train at Café Move, I do this without hesitation as it is always more than worth my while. Café Move is a community that Robbie and Karen have cultivated where movement and personal achievement is celebrated, knowledge is shared and the craic is surely had. Thank you guys for helping me become a ninja.”

It’s hard to put it into words what Robbie and his team have done for me, Went there like a rusty old car when fairly major back issues and today I’m racing down the roads.
— Elio Tavolieri

I really enjoyed the Fundamentals Course I completed here at Café Move. Robbie is a fountain of knowledge and backs up all teachings skills with interesting theory. Along with that the atmosphere is relaxed with a fun approach to learning and moving. 👍
— Aoife Cullinane

“This is a great place! Fantastic team, relax atmosphere. 
The guys really know what they are talking about. 
After 6 months of moving with the team, I never felt better. And they also make killer coffee :-) Couldn’t recommend them enough.”


I love to come this place for workshop, workout, BJJ and of course for coffee.

Many little beautiful things here makes you feel good and think. These guys have the taste!
— Ganaa Devee

I’ve been a student of Robbie’s for six months now and I can honestly say that I’ve been looking for a teacher like this for the last ten years! Finally found him and the wonderful centre that he’s created with his beautiful fiancée and it’s a gift.

Robbie is an outstanding teacher in every way. He’s knowledgeable within many spheres, prepared, focused, professional, practical and he’s also down-to-earth and funny in his delivery, which makes each class great fun.
I’ve been to yoga teachers and movement instructors from all over the world, some very famous in their field, and I can honestly say that I rate Robbie as top-notch in his style of practice and teaching.

Robbie’s teaching has great clarity, he educates. He is totally professional, focused, and inclusive to all levels of student. He has a deep understanding of the body that he has gained through experience, practice, and exploration of different practices. He’s up to date with anatomy and physiology findings, that are constantly unfolding, and he’s very practically embodied the movement sciences to create a safe, effective and fun style that is truly his own. As we, the students, begin to understand how our own bodies work, we learn how to achieve new and exciting movement patterns and retrain conditioned patterns that were un-beneficial. His students clearly appreciate the effort that Robbie puts into the training. He challenges us to look at the way we’ve done things in the past and to question how we can create a more efficient and comfortable movement pattern for future health. In his approach, he entices us to have personal goals and to take our growth into our own hands and responsibility, which is I feel is really important, we’re there to create changes in our own lives, not blindly follow a series of lesson plans and agendas. Robbie makes you understand why you are doing something, not just giving a set of repetitive instructions.

As a Yoga practitioner of many years I had reached a plateau in my practice, training with Robbie has totally enhanced my approach to my own body, practice and my teaching and I feel excited and enthusiastic about everything I can now physically do and everything that there is left to learn.

Thank you, Robbie, as I say after most classes..I’m so grateful and you are gifted.
— Sarah Fox

Five months ago I was a 14st 9 pound, tired, depressed and generally stressed out person. I had little to no self-confidence; I was very uncomfortable with my body image, to the point where I refused to be in a photograph. I hated the way my clothes felt on me and always felt like people were staring at me because I felt so large. I had no sex-drive and, even though I was trying for a baby, I had no energy for sex. I work with children on a daily basis and my changeable moods and general depression made it very difficult to be upbeat at work. I know this made it hard on the people I work with. I would stay up until all hours in the morning, comfort eating, and my bad sleeping habits made my mood swings even worse – impacting on the lives of all those close to me.
A friend of mine suggested I approach Robbie for training; he knew him both personally and professionally as a fantastic health and fitness coach. I was reluctant at first to make the call as I found the idea of having a male personal trainer very daunting. I didn’t want to stand on a scale in front of him and have him know just how far I had let myself go. Eventually, after some cake, I decided I had to take action and contacted Robbie.

The first realisation I had after meeting Robbie face-to-face was that he is unlike any other personal trainer I had had before. He made an effort to make me feel welcome and his professional manner really set me at ease. He seems to have a philosophy of putting the person before the training, making him seem more like a friend than a trainer. His approach and encouragement motivated me to push myself further than I have before.
His method of training is very different from anything I had previously tried – either by myself or with a different trainer. He focuses on building up strength and core muscles, instead of endless cardio sessions. However, this strength training is only one aspect of the programme Robbie sets out. His nutritional advice really opened my eyes to what I could eat and enjoy. I think everybody is aware of the foods they should be avoided, but it was a real comfort to be told what I could have for once. His bio-signature modulation was a whole new weigh-in experience for me; I had never heard of it before and I find it much more targeted than simply standing on a scale and have him record my weight.

There is one other aspect of Robbie’s training, and I have found it the most beneficial exercise we have done. Stress management has always been an issue for me and led to the majority of my depression and comfort eating. Robbie’s breathing and body positioning exercises have really changed my entire outlook on life.

Today, a mere five months later, I am 1st 12 pounds closer to my ideal body weight. However, my training is no longer about losing weight. I have found the health benefits have far exceeded my original superficial goal of dropping a few dress sizes. I am sleeping a lot better than I was before, and even when I don’t get a full nights’ sleep, I always feel more rested than I did before I starting working with Robbie. I have much more energy, I am a lot less stressed and, most importantly, I am much happier. I can go out smiling for the first time in years and I can even pose for some photos! To anybody thinking that they need to change something in their lives for the better, I would suggest you contact Robbie. He will be the friend who will push you into helping yourself and achieving all that you aspire to.
— Valarie Morrison, Teacher

As a busy Physiotherapist and Yoga Instructor, I can’t imagine my week without coming to Cafe Move for classes. Robbie and his team have a wealth of knowledge and you always learn something new. I love the community of members that welcome you friendly the minute you walk into the door and the socialising with people from all backgrounds over a good cup of coffee. Highly recommend if you are looking for a functional, sustainable and fun training!
— Johanna Huber

What I’ve achieved , what I’ve overcome mentally, my physical fitness and my aesthetic appearance in the past few months is all thanks and down to Robbie O’Driscoll … For anyone thinking of bettering themselves this programme is the best investment they will ever make.

— Jason Busteed

I have been training at a relatively consistent level for many years having run competitively at a local level with completing 3 marathons. In the last few years, I have been working on strength and flexibility. In all of this time, I have always felt I have had a good understanding and knowledge of nutrition and indeed lifestyle. Having my first consultation on Biosignature modulation it became clear that the fundamental basics on how I was managing my nutrition and indeed lifestyle were suboptimal.

The changes that I made specifically in nutrition not only significantly reduced body fat and build lean muscle mass, but my overall energy dramatically increased. I would describe it as having the “fog lift”. Where you can really train at a higher level and indeed have much more energy for everyday life. I could not recommend this program highly enough.
— Padraig McDonnell

Since I started training with Robbie, training has started to mean so much more! Lots of surprisingly added benefits have emerged. I have totally altered my eating habits, for the better. My sleeping pattern has settled down, and I now get a solid night’s sleep. My stress levels are well under control now. All of this and looking leaner, feeling stronger and a lot more confident, in myself. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I have done the BioSignature Modulation and Personal training with Robbie and found this to reap the best results, for me.

It is evident that Robbie is extremely dedicated, very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic in the work he does. I would highly recommend him to all – no matter what your goals are, you will achieve them with him.
The choice is yours – you have everything to gain!
— DJ Kelleher, Managing Director of Riverview Eggs

Robbie is an amazing coach, trainer, nutritional advisor, friend, and motivator. Movement has become so important to me and my body feels as strong as it ever has. After years of being active and attending all types of classes I have never felt so determined, focused, goal orientated, strong and happy, as I do now. Movement is amazing and essential. Iv made some amazing friends and always look forward to classes!
— Kellymarie Buckley

Having had back problems for the last 10 to 15 years, Robbie has enabled me with movements and exercises that have allowed me fully understand my body. As a result my back has never felt better.

Initially, I started by doing shared coaching sessions that gave me a fantastic grounding and understanding of different movements. From here, I continued with weekly classes where I am constantly learning and challenging my body.

In my opinion Café Move has to be a part of every person’s training programme, no matter what level of fitness you are at. In particular, I feel that Robbie’s methods of coaching should be incorporated into all sports for kids as it would prevent a huge number of injuries in their future.

Finally, I would highly recommend Robbie and Café Move to anybody. It is an investment in your future and well being. When our car breaks down it immediately gets brought to the garage to get fixed, however, we neglect ourselves. Robbie is the mechanic who repairs your body and enables you to live life to the full.
— Mark Kingston

When I started with Robbie I initially wanted to improve my strength in body weight movements and gymnastics movements I had two main goals - to be able to do a handstand and do a chin up, within 3 months I achieved both of these goals BUT soooo much more too!

What I have learned from Robbie has completely changed my perspective on exercise and why I exercise. Every morning he would ask how you and your body is feeling and then tailor the session that morning to whatever my response was - this was a completely alien concept to me because I was used to just going in and giving it hell for leather and the dying on the ground afterward! Now I am more in tune with my body and listen to what it needs and responding accordingly.

Robbie is an awesome guy and a fantastic trainer, with a broad knowledge in so many areas, that you will never know what you could end up talking about from movement, breathing techniques, muscles, and music! (He also has some great playlists!!)

I always look forward to my sessions with Robbie because no matter what way I feel going into each session, I always know I am
guaranteed to have some laughs, but also learn something new each time, leaving there feeling great!

Lastly, it’s such a nice space there - very relaxing, great coffee and lovely treats!
— Ruth Dwan

Brilliant Place! Brilliant teachers! Brilliant people!! Go!!!
— Stephen Killion

Cafe Move has an alternative approach to health & fitness. I’ve been going to the morning classes for a few months now and find there’s a great mix of strength and movement exercises. I’m using muscles I didn’t know I have and find I benefit from all the exercises even if I can’t do them fully. I really notice the benefits when I’m sitting at my desk after a class. Robbie and his team know their stuff and there’s a friendly welcoming atmosphere... The coffee’s great too!
— William Holland

Excellent. Started here to stay mobile as I felt I was slowing down. Working with Cafe mone gang I have exceedex my expectations. I can again bound up the stairs 2 at a time if I choose and popping hand luggage into overhead lockers is now a doddle
— Margaret Browne

Great gym!! 💪
— Estelle Gras Durry

Always guaranteed to learn something new here. I’ve never visited without hearing either a lot of laughter or some thought provoking information.
— karen browne

Robbie is a fountain of knowledge and he will change the way you look at exercise, and at yourself. Couldn’t recommend him more highly
— barry vaughan

I love this gym, it is relaxing but great exercise delivered by wonderful coaches, they give great support and though they will put you through the paces it is done with kindness, understanding and a calm attitude. I would recommend it to all......
— Helen O

Café Move is an amazing gym, the classes are so much fun! Robbie has so much knowledge and will immediately recognise both your capabilities and WILL reach your goals with Café Move. My own experience...I felt a major difference in mobility, I had been suffering from various aches and pains, which all improved dramatically after just a few classes. If you want to regain your youth, join the movement!
— Roisin M

I began training with Robbie I was overweight and hitting a plateau with my training. This, in turn, was making me lose motivation, I felt I needed to re-evaluate my approach and really educate myself about what I was eating and why.

Café Move was ideal for what I needed. I have learned how to eat the right foods for a balanced diet that not only allows fat loss but never compromises on energy levels and never leaves me feeling hungry. I’m no stranger to training but with Robbie, I learned not only what I should be eating more and less of, but why I need to. Knowing why I needed to eat certain foods was much more helpful than just being told what to do and then following blindly. It allowed me to make informed choices myself and I now have that knowledge for life.

I would definitely recommend Café Move to anyone at any level of fitness. I knew my advice from Robbie was tailored specifically for me so no matter who you are or what your goals are you know your plan is to suit you. I think a lot of people don’t eat the right foods for their goals in the gym. Working out is great but eating badly slows/stops results and a lot of the time people aren’t even aware they’re doing it.

Robbie’s guidance makes sure you see results if you follow it. It is extremely detailed and constantly updated as your goals change, thank you for all your help!

— Shane Russell