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Café Move has completely changed my outlook on health and fitness.
I have lifted weights for the past ten years. However, I became disillusioned with the constant emphasis on appearance and the endless cycle of gaining muscle and losing body fat.
I became interested in movement through watching videos of Ido Portal.
I was previously unaware of Café Move and I was surprised to learn that the owner, Robbie O’Driscoll, had been coached by Ido Portal. I joined Café Move and I was instantly hooked. I thought the novelty of joining Café Move would eventually wear off.
However, I soon realised that there is always more to learn about movement. The group classes are challenging but they are not physically draining. This is ideal for athletes and sports people. While the facilities at Cafe excellent, it is the sense of community that differentiates it from other gyms. The importance of social interaction seems to have been forgotten about with the increasing popularity of social media.
However, Café Move provides excellent coffee and a comfortable space to socialise with other members after group classes.
I would highly recommend Café Move to anybody with an interest in pursuing a holisitc approachg to health and fitness rather than simply focusing on apperance.
— Patrick Brett

Café Move has helped me learn so much about myself.
I’ve become stronger and more flexible, fixed old injuries, been consistently challenged as I’ve progressed and had so much fun in the process.
No two classes are the same and there is always a new activity, concept or technique to learn and play around with.
A former morning grouch I get up at 5:30 am, driving an hour away to train at Café Move, I do this without hesitation as it is always more than worth my while.
Café Move is a community that Robbie and Karen have cultivated where movement and personal achievement is celebrated,
knowledge is shared and the craic is surely had.

Thank you guys for helping me become a ninja.
— Emma Ni Cheilleachair


Robbie is a fountain of knowledge and
he will change the way you look at exercise
and yourself.
Couldn’t recommend him more highly.
— Barry Vaughan

This is a great place! Fantastic team, relax atmosphere.
The guys really know what they are talking about.
After 6 months moving with the team, I never felt better.
And they also make killer coffee :-) Couldn’t recommend them enough.
— Nicolas Sicot

I started working with Robbie O’Driscoll as my nutrition and fitness coach in May 2104.
I signed on for a 12-week course and we set a target for me to lose 12 kilos in 12 weeks.
I lost the 12 kilos in 12 weeks without any hard exercise or drastic reduction in food intake.
Robbie advised me on how to eat, what to eat and how to eat more.
This coupled with what I would term to be a smart, light exercise program to deal with my particular situation.
What is even more important is that because of Robbie’s approach to health and strength, I have been able to keep the weight off with ease.
Through Robbie’s program, I feel years younger and I have a lot more energy.
I recommend Robbie’s service to anyone who is serious about their health and fitness.
— Kevin O'Keeffe

When I began training with Robbie I was overweight and hitting a plateau with my training.
This, in turn, was making me lose motivation. I felt the need to re-evaluate my approach and really educate myself about what I was eating and why.
Working with Robbie was ideal for what I needed.
I have learnt how to eat the right foods for a balanced diet that not only allows fat loss, but never comprimises on energy levels and never leaves me feeling hungry.
I’m no stranger to training but with Robbie I learned not only what I should be eating more and less of, but why I need to. Knowing why I needed to eat certain foods was much more helpful than just being told what to do and then following blindly.
It allowed me to make informed choices myself and now I have the knowledge for life.
I would recommend Robbie to anyone at any level of fitness. I knew the advice from Robbie was tailored specifically for me so no matter what your goals are, you know your plan is to suit you.
I think a lot of people don’t eat the right food for their goals in the gym.
Working out is great but eating badly slows/stops results and a lot of the time people aren’t aware they’re doing it.
Robbie’s guidance makes sure you see results if you follow it.
It is extremely detailed and constantly updatedas your goals change.
Thank yuo for all you help!
— Shane Russell


Always guaranteed to learn something new here. I’ve never visited without hearing either a lot of laughter
or some thought pervoking information.
— Karen Browne


I love to come to this place for workshops, workout, BJJ and of course coffee.
may little beautiful things here makes you feel good and think.
These guys has the taste.
— Ganaa Devee


Strength & Conditioning class
with Ciarán was fantastic this evening.
He’s knowledgeable, approachable but gets you working hard.
The gym itself has a really friendly atmosphere and laid-back vibe.
Gorgeous aesthetic too.
— Chrsitina Cusack


Coming directly from a Martial arts background,
I found the pressure-free atmosphere at Robbie’s class the ideal environment to improve functional strength and flexibility,
no matter what your athletic ability is.
The relevance of Robbie’s
movement teaching is second to none.
Highly recommended.
— Trevor Healy


Robbie O’Driscoll,
this day two years ago I came to you extremely stressed and depressed.
Not only did I struggle with my weight but I had just found out that as a result of it I was unable to conceive a child.
You helped me through so much more than just getting into shape.
Yesterday I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Emily.
Thank you for making all my dreams come true.
— Valarie Coughlan

I have been training at a relatively consistent level for many years having run competitively
at a local level with completing three marathons. In the last few years, I have been working on strength and flexibility. In all of this time, I have always felt
I have a good understanding and knowledge of nutrition and indeed lifestyle.
The changes that I made specifically in nutrition, not only significantly reduced body fat and build lean muscle mass
but my overall energy dramatically increased.
I would describe it as having the “fog lifted”.
I could not recommend this program highly enough.
— Padraig McDonnell


What I’ve achieved,
what I’ve overcome mentally,
my physical fitness
and my aesthetic appearance in the last few months is all thanks to and down to Robbie O’Driscoll.
For anyoner thinking of bettering themselves this programme is the best investment they will ever mnake.
— Jason Busteed


Robbie is a phenomenal trainer and awesome person.
I trained with Robbie for almost two months and never felt healthier or more confident than when I was following his plan.
Robbie works you hard and encourages clean eating. IT WORKS!!
I lost weight, toned muscle and am stronger than I can ever remember.
I am really looking forward to a new me in couple months (when we finish my program).
I can recommend Robbie to everybody, who is looking for a personal trainer and wants to get great results.
— Wojciech Lange

Since I started training with Robbie, training has started to mean so much more!
Lots of surprisingly added benefits have emerged. I have totally altered my eating habits, for the better.
My sleeping pattern has slowed down, and I now get a solid nights sleep.
My stress levels are well under control now.
All of this and looking leaner, feeling stronger and a lot more confident, in myself.
It doesn’t get much better than that.

It is evident that Robbie is extremely dedicated, very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about the work he does.
I would recommend him to all no matter what your goals are, you will achieve them with him.

The choice is yours, you have everything to gain.
— DJ Kelleher


I think this place is fantastic.
Robbie is a wonderful trainer, with rivers of knowledge on body movement and everything it encompasses.
All the classes are the perfect balance of being challenging, educational and great fun.
There’s a great community spirit and social aspect, which includes the beautiful Karen, who makes your day better with her presence and mad coffee making skills.
5 stars from me and two happy ears by Samson the Small Dog.
— Sarah Fox & Samson