Yoga & Movement



Yoga & Movement

Class Time : Wednesday 7.00 AM - 8.00 AM

Trainer : Sarah Fox

Class is open to Drop-ins


A fun and dynamic class on Wednesday mornings that's a little bit like yoga, but so much more. It contains even more things to juice up your joints and get you feeling good midweek,  including mobility training, strength training and movement based practices.

Why You Choose yoga and movement?

This new class is yoga but with a new flavour. It's influenced by cutting edge science of functional range conditioning, and many different styles of movement to help create strength, flexibility, and control through full range of natural motion. 

  • Peace of mind and focus with mindful practices

  • Learn breathing techniques

  • Will leave you with a happy and healthy nervous system

  • Literally the best way to combat a midweek hump.

Class is open to Drop-ins


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